Many of those who need to distribute certain information, be it textual, with graphics or tables will choose a format that is widely recognized and easy to read by the recipients. Nonetheless, sometimes it is necessary to perform a transformation the other way round in order to be able to extract or edit the content from such documents.

When dealing with very common formats like PDF and DOC there are many software solutions that are able to handle such documents and turn them into any other type which the user might need. PDF to Word Converter is one of these applications and, as its name suggests, it is meant to perform a one way transformation.

The setup procedure goes on smoothly and a great thing about this tool is that it will not require third-party apps in order to get the job done. All the functions are neatly placed inside the main window for quick access.

Most of the space is reserved for the list of PDFs that will be converted and inside that area you can view the password needed to open some encrypted files, provided that you entered it manually for each of the locked PDFs.

Adding files to the processing queue is pretty simple, but, unfortunately, it is not possible to select multiple files and insert them. Instead, one has to either add one file at a time, or an entire folder, then select and remove the unnecessary items.

When it comes to the actual operation, PDF to Word Converter can make the transformation in two ways. The first mode is 'Flow text without textbox', which will result in some DOC files with free flowing text inside.

The second mode will copy the exact layout of the original PDF and translate it as is in the Word document. However, this can make the DOC file a bit harder to edit because the text it contains is treated as one or more blocks, as opposed to the previous method.

All in all, PDF to Word Converter is very easy to use, yet it completely lacks any configuration options, so the control over the output is limited to the two conversion modes. Other than that, the transition from one format to another is pretty quick and the tool seems best suited for beginners.