PDF documents are notoriously difficult to edit and removing parts of a PDF file, such as an entire page, can be difficult. With PDFdu Delete Page, users can quickly and easily edit a single PDF or multiple PDFs at once, all for an affordable price.

The application is very simple to operate, loading PDFs into the application only takes a few clicks and they are displayed clearly in a table. Users can choose to delete either a single page, a series of pages, the last few pages or a custom series of unrelated pages. This flexible system allows users a high level of control over the application and is very clear to understand.

There is a problem in the application’s display though, it is unable to detect how many pages a PDF file has. There is no immediate way to check the number of pages, PDFs cannot be launched from within the application, nor does it allow any kind of preview or page scan. This means that users who load PDFs into the application for editing, must have made notes of which pages they want to remove before hand.  The alternative is to open each PDF separately and go through its pages while it is in the application. This issue of page detection means the application’s batch editing feature is significantly less useful.

The application contains several varied features along with the page deletion, automatic prefix and suffix can be added to edited files, to let users know when which files they have modified. An encryption feature is also available that allows users to both password protect PDFs, and add restrictions to how the PDF is used. Users can disable the ability to print, edit and even copy a modified PDF, a security feature that many users might find useful.

A watermark feature is also available that allows users to select the font, size, angle and opacity of a given watermark as well as the color. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow users to adjust where that watermark will appear, the option to place it at the bottom, top or sides of an edited file would be a simple, but useful improvement.

Overall, the application is a solid choice for anyone looking to remove pages from a PDF file and add additional security to it. While the lack of a page detector or ability to launch PDFs from within the application is a noted weakness, it remains a strong choice for users, especially with for the low price the developer is asking.