Those who regularly work with PDFs, especially large PDFs might have a need to optimize their work by breaking apart a PDF into smaller ones. Splitting a PDF file by its pages is made easy with PDFdu Split PDF, which enables users to quickly break apart multiple PDFs at once.

The application features a very efficient, one window design, with all the relevant and key information, as well as the major buttons for its primary function stored in one place. There is no need to browse multiple menus or tabs, everything needed to split the pages of a PDF file is in one place. This means that users who want to quickly work on multiple PDFs can do so in less than a minute, by loading an entire folder of PDFs and then processing them.

The application, like several other PDF page splitters, does lack a page detector or PDF scanner to view the details of the PDFs. Users either need to be familiar with the PDFs they want to break apart or open them up once they've loaded and assessed the pages. This is not a significant problem with page splitting however, as it does not always have to be precise, users who are looking for precision though might be disappointed.

The application is not expensive, with its encryption and watermark features included, any users who purchase the application will be getting value for money. The encryption feature is especially useful as it allows users to password protect a PDF in two stages, an owner password and a user password. So users can access some features of a PDF without being able to edit everything. For those users who work with sensitive information, this is a very valuable addition.

The page splitting is also advanced, with the ability to automatically turn a PDF into a series of single page PDFs, or break a PDF apart by every specific page number. Users can also set a custom number of pages, with the ability to make single page PDFs and groups of pages in the same command line, from a single, larger PDF. Add all those features to the watermark options and users are left with a very robust and versatile application.

In conclusion, the application is both affordable and highly useful, with a good range of features and options. While it could be improved further, it is a safe and reliable choice for anyone looking to make large and unwieldy PDF files into smaller, more manageable documents.