PDForsell is a PDF management tool that allows you to split, rotate and merge documents, while allowing you to preview the PDF content.

You are welcomed by a plain design where you can import PDF files by dragging and dropping them directly into the main window or using the built-in browse button. Password-protected documents can be imported, provided that you know the right password.

You can create a list with the files that you want to process and view a few details about them, such as name, start and end page, as well as rotation angle.

The app lets you preview the content of PDF files directly in the main window and zoom in or out of the current page. A help manual is included in the package but it is not quite explanatory and thorough regarding the utility’s capabilities.

You are given the freedom to split documents from the currently displayed page, extract a number of exact pages, as well as rotate all pages or only the selected one to different degrees. Optionally, you may tweak the DPI.

PDForsell gives you the possibility to merge all files that are displayed in the main window to a PDF item, reduce the size of the output file, pick the PDF version, as well as open the PDF at the end of the task.

What’s more, you can add information about documents, such as title, creator, subtitle, keywords, and application. Security features are implemented for helping you set up passwords for opening and editing PDF files, and disabling printing, editing, copying and other PDF-related actions.

All things considered, PDForsell comes packed with handy features for helping you manage PDF files. However, it needs several improvements applied to the GUI in order to make the entire process more intuitive because the functions of some parameters are not clearly stated.