PDF files are a part of almost any computer user’s day. Whether they’re your study material, or the user manual for a new modem and everything in between, they are used everywhere.

PDF files can contain all kinds of information and in some cases you don’t need all of it or it lacks something which you do require. For situations like this tools like PDFtk Free were created in order to help you put together multiple PDF files into one file, or extract specific pages out of a given one.

PDFtk Free displays a user-friendly interface with a large dose of simplicity on its side. The GUI design is focused on providing a practical layout for the application’s functions and at that it is successful, though you might think it’s a bit too rudimentary at a first glance.

If looks aren't your main concern when looking for a tool that can merge and extract PDF pages, then you should be more than pleased with this one. After you load the documents you need, the application places them inside a list from where you can view each one’s page count and choose what you want to merge or extract.

PDFtk Free allows you to merge a document number one with the first five pages of document two, along with pages x, y and z from a third, all in one go. This makes it very handy for scenarios where you know exactly what you need, the only downside being that you have to manually assign the page numbers or intervals.

Besides stitching together PDFs, PDFtk Free also offers a few features that enable you to rotate pages clockwise, add a custom watermark and protect the exported document by applying password protection to it.

On a closing note, PDFtk Free truly is a practical tool that can be effortlessly used by just about anyone who needs to merge or split multiple PDF documents.