If you like reading as a leisure activity, you probably faced the issue of having insufficient content. In this situation, you can either buy more books or turn to third-party software such as Perfect Pad Store App that can provide you with a lot of reading content at the click of a button.

This program comes with a simple, yet efficient user interface that packs a handful of intuitive functions, making it possible for numerous users to benefit from its capabilities with minimum efforts.

If you want to use its features to their full extent, for instance saving stories to your library or adding them to a reading list, you need to log in your Wattpadd account since this application is a client for the service mentioned above.

Perfect Pad Store App can help you access an extensive library of stories directly from its main screen, which provides you with a broad range of entries, organized under Hot, Featured and Undiscovered categories.

The main menu of this application can be displayed by clicking the top-left button on the main window. However, its functions can be used without revealing the menu, as they are still available as small buttons.

Reading a story can be easily accomplished by selecting it and clicking the Read button. If you want to add a story to your library or your reading list, you just have to click the corresponding buttons. However, doing so requires you to be logged in your Wattpad account.

When you are in reading mode, you can click the font button if you want to choose a custom font face or change its size and toggle night mode, which inverts the colors, making the background turn black and the letters turn white.

To wrap it up, Perfect Pad Store App is a handy application that lets you access a rich collection of stories and read them on your computer without efforts. It comes with a simplistic user interface, packs intuitive functions, lets you save stories to your library or reading list and features support for night mode.