Perfect Sound Recorder is an advanced sound recorder application that works with any sound card input line and can save the content to MP3 or WAV formats.

At the first glance, Perfect Sound Recorder is a very simple solution, mostly thanks to the design of the main window, but things completely change once you access the configuration screen.

The program’s GUI comprises the standard audio controls for playing, pausing or stopping a file, but also a record button and a volume controller to access them with minimum effort.

The options screen comprises several parameters that may scare away beginners, but a help manual is also available to provide more information in case it’s needed.

Of course, users are allowed to choose the output format, which can be either MP3 or WAV, enable noise reduction, choose between stereo, dual channel or mono and configure output file format settings.

Perfect Sound Recorder remains friendly with hardware resources most of the time and it works smoothly on all Windows versions, but it’s pretty clear that it still needs some improvements to become a top product in this particular category.

What we missed the most during our testing was hotkey support because controlling the recording without the need for opening the main window of the app is an important thing for many users.

But overall, Perfect Sound Recorder serves its purpose and can be safely installed by both beginners and professional users. It has a clean layout and the essential features to produce high-quality recordings.