Personal diaries have become digital with the introduction of computers. Users can write their thoughts or ideas faster and store them in a more secure place than a regular paper journal. Helpsofts Personal Diary is a software designed to enable users to record their daily routines and address books.

The application is quick to install and does not have any particular system requirements. After finishing the installation process, users are prompted to create a set of credentials containing username and password. This encrypts any future data users might enter and prevents prying eyes from viewing any information.

The program lacks in several areas. The interface is bleak and does not entice the users to browse its contents. Moreover, the application's windows cannot be resized, and users cannot access multiple functions at the same time.

Personal Diary offers various features organized into several tabs. Users can use it as a personal diary to write down their thoughts and ideas, or they can keep track of their income and expenses. It also offers an address book in which telephone numbers, email addresses can be safely stored.

Users might find it useful to store data directly on their computers. However, the application does not support data transfer or online previewing. Everything is stored on the hard disk and cannot be viewed with other programs.

In conclusion, some users might enjoy working with this program since it is simple to use and straightforward. However, it lacks in multiple areas, and experienced users are going to find other programs better suited to their needs. The fact that the application is not free of charge makes it even more unappealing.