Personal Finance Manager is designed to assist individuals, families, and small business owners in developing a budget and regulating their income and spending to maintain financial stability.

Personal Finance Manager allows you to create estimated annual budgets, track income and expenses, and compute your net worth.

Calculators are provided for amortizing loans, comparing interest rates, and creating savings plans.

View summaries to compare monthly and annual budget projections vs. actual income and expenses via tables and charts.

Personal Finance Manager is a user-friendly program that will help you to maintain control over your financial world.

Create budgets, track income and expenses, manage savings and debts, and view results with bar and pie charts.

Create as many accounts as you need (checking, savings, credit, etc.) Each account can have many different (user-defined) transaction types to match cash flows, such as checks, direct deposit, interest, and e-bills.

Simply enter your monthly salary on the estimated budget form and the program will calculate a sample budget for you!

From there, you can fine-tune the budget by using the guideline budget tool to allocate your income by percentage to various categories.

Enter transactions into the program using the accounts, transaction types, categories, and subcategories you created. Transactions can then be viewed and sorted by date, account, category, or amount.

Split single transactions into multiple components (useful for itemizing paycheck items such as gross salary and taxes). Create recurring transactions for regular payments to minimize typing and keep tabs on upcoming expenditures.

Use the assets and liabilities page to calculate your net worth. Use the default lists or create your own unique asset and liability names.

Calculators are included for amortizing loans, comparing interest rates, and creating savings plans. The savings calculator is capable of performing retirement income forecasting with both lump sum and annuity calculations.

Designate your income to savings goals you set and/or expense categories. You can set up allocation amounts for any expense category so that each income transaction will automatically distribute a percentage of the total amount among those categories. The rest you can allocate towards your savings goals.

Monitor your income and spending habits and compare them regularly to the budgets you create. This information can be viewed as tables, bar charts, and pie charts. You will be able to detect categories of excess spending and take corrective measures to stay within your budget guidelines.

Save your data to text or csv (comma-delimited) files that can be used to import your data into other applications (such as Microsoft Excel) or to print the records.

All of your financial data is stored in a password-protected database to keep your sensitive information secure. Multiple users can create their own login id's and passwords to use the program independently. Automatic database backups are performed according to preferred frequency.

Customize your own accounts, transaction types, and categories. Password protected database. Split and recurring transactions supported.


■ Save-disabled

■ limited calculator functions.