If you are a busy person with an overflowing schedule, chances are you're prone to forgetting significant events such as birth dates, important meetings or various other tasks you've meant to solve for a while.

In this case, you can turn to specialized software solutions such as Personal Manager that can help you simplify your life by a great amount by reminding you of certain things.

Installing Personal Manager on your computer can be accomplished without considerable efforts, as it requires no additional configuration. This makes it possible even for novices to be able to deploy it on their computers in an easy manner.

The installation kit only requires you to unpack the archive it comes in, launch the executable and follow the on-screen instructions provided by the installer.

Although its interface is highly simplistic and can be understood and operated by a broad range of computer users, the fact that the application is always in full-screen mode can be inconvenient, even for lesser experienced users.

Furthermore, it features a visually unappealing layout along with several traditional menus and buttons. Even the calendar utility is launched in full-screen mode, despite the fact that it occupies only a small portion of the screen.

Although the main window of Personal Manager displays a "Launch Application" section, where apparently you could specify an executable from your computer and launch it along with the reminder, doing so is not possible, as the File Type combo menu displays an invalid entry.

Regarding other functions, it can create events with reminders, play music files, show customizable popup windows, change your desktop image, send an email or an SMS and also display a text bubble on your screen.

To sum it up, Personal Manager is a lightweight application that enables you to create and manage reminders on your computer. Unfortunately, it runs only in full-screen and launching an application along with your notification is not possible. Aside from these issues, it can send emails or SMSes, change your desktop image, display a popup message and play audio files whenever a reminder is triggered.