Personal Phonebook Plus! is an intuitive software solution that helps you add and manage personal or work-related contacts, as well as keep track of upcoming birthdays and gatherings. The app lets you set a unique password to protect your database from being accessed and modified.

The offered interface is outdated and colorful, which might end up in confusing the user. The layout is divided into three separate tabs, namely "People", "Favorite Businesses" and "Lists". The toolbar stacks quick buttons to essential functions.

If you used the previous versions of the program and have a database saved on the computer, it's possible to import it into the app. However, if it's your first time, the utility prompts you to create a new phonebook.

To add a new contact, you have to access the "Records" menu and fill in the displayed fields, such as full name, address, phone numbers, zip code, website, email, birth date, spouse and private notes.

For company entries, on the other hand, you need to enter general details, such as name, address, type (IT, finances, health), phone numbers (which can be dialed), along with webpage, email address, relevant links and notes.

Records can be filtered based on criteria like name, city, state or zip code, and duplicated, which might turn useful for family members who share the same address. In addition, you have the option to add each contact to different lists, such as special occasions, birthday, Christmas and anniversaries.

It's possible to protect the database and the app with a custom password to keep it from being accessed and edited. Plus, the data can be backed up to a safe location on the drive and restored.

Taking everything into account, Personal Phonebook Plus! is an easy-to-use program designed to provide simple ways to add and manage personal and professional contacts, and keep an eye on the upcoming birthdays and other special occasions.