Personal Renamer is a feature-rich application you can use to rename files by taking into account a wide range of criteria. It's mostly geared toward advanced users.

The only notable aspect about setup is that you must have .NET Framework installed, since the program was developed using this platform.

As far as the interface goes, it has a built-in file explorer that enables you to quickly locate disk directories and select the source and destination folder.

It's possible to examine the name, format, size, date of creation and last modification, along with the read-only, hidden and system attributes of the files. You can also switch to thumbnail viewing mode to preview images.

When it comes to renaming options, you can convert the case, add a prefix or suffix, use consecutive numbers or letters, set the digits for numerical incrementation, replace characters or the entire filename, as well as remove all numbers, letters, spaces or symbols. Moreover, you can tinker with the file attributes and timestamps.

Errors and other details about the Personal Renamer's activity can be examined in a log area. It's possible to save the settings and load them later, clear folder history, customize the display colors, show hidden and system files, as well as revert all settings to their default configuration.

Simulations can be run to inspect the results without actually modifying files. This way, you can make any necessary adjustments by previewing the new filenames.

Personal Renamer contains a comprehensive set of options dedicated to file renaming, backed by intricate conditions. While this is certainly a good news for experienced users looking for versatility and full control, it's likely difficult for casual users to figure out what every option does.