With the abundance of things that need to be done, but time remaining a constant in this equation, there’s a high chance you forget about less important, or even top-priority activities. Your memory can’t always be relied on, but applications like Peter's Ultimate Alarm Clock help you keep your head clear, and alert you of any upcoming events and tasks.

As far as visuals are concerned, the application stores all it has to offer in a classic window design, with small buttons, but an intuitive overall design. Even so, you might feel a little overwhelmed at first, because of the abundance of options and functions, which may initially seem odd for an alarm application.

However, all functions perfectly blend together, adding a lot to the application’s practicality. For instance, the main window alone is fitted with different sections to show a calendar, day table for configured alarms, and two additional panels to easily navigate through groups, and items which are inside.

Adding a new alarm brings up a creation window, with various time, and alert options. A dame needs to be added, with the requirement to include it in either a new or existing group. Alarms can be set to one time, or recurred, and depending on your selection time options change accordingly. You can include a message to be displayed, and even enable snooze for a bit more time.

Alerts are an important part of an alarm, and the application treats them as such. Besides general, and date format options, alerts benefit from a variety of customization options. A default sound can be picked, but even a secondary one to show up after a specific idle time, or even configured to show up again on next system startup if no action was taken the first time.

Bottom line is that time seems to be shrinking with each passing day, but it’s only the ever-growing diversity of activities that give this impression. Peter's Ultimate Alarm Clock proves to be a powerful companion in managing your time, with an impressive variety of configuration options and alerts, which, as overwhelming as they may initially seem, are all perfectly connected, and sure not to disappoint.