While in its broader term the histogram of an image refers to the pixel intensity of a picture, it can also refer to main channels color values as well as the brightness at each point representing the pixel count.

Phaethon Solutions HistoLight is a utility that enables you to view the LAB, RBG and HSV histogram models together in any combination.

The role of the application is to display the various histogram models for the picture you drag and drop into the designated field or open via the dedicated function. After you view and analyze the pixel intensity values, you can copy the link and share it with other users, a feature that can come in handy when you need a second opinion.

At the same time, the tool allows you to publish the histogram on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, providing you have an account on any of the social networks. This function can be quite helpful if you are part of various photography groups and want to exchange ideas with other professionals in the field.

You should know that you can also save the histogram in a PNG format on your computer and include it as documentation for one of your projects or exhibitions.

It is necessary to mention that the only thing you can do with the histograms you preview is select whether you want the smoothing on or off. In other words, you would have to use other third-party solutions if you wish to make any corrections.

It would be nice if the program included an editor that enables you to make color channel corrections. Moreover, it would be useful if the app included a vertical scale optimization that allows you to fix photos with over and underexposure.

In the eventuality that you are looking for a tool to help you retrieve professionally looking histograms for your pictures, then Phaethon Solutions HistoLight could come in handy.