The Ancient Egypt has always charmed everyone who’s taken the time to read anything about the history of that time. Pharaoh's Gallery - Animated Wallpaper is a nice app that brings a bit of that atmosphere to the screen of your computer.

The program has a simple interface that should be easy to figure out, thanks to the intuitive layout.

The utility installs as an animated desktop and covers the entire screen once it is launched, acting like any other regular background image.

However, since this one is animated, you can view various birds flying around the pharaoh’s palace. The luxurious vegetation moves to the wind as the river flows softly.

The animated wallpaper comes in several sizes. For instance, it can fit the screen or enter full screen mode. The video quality may also be altered; it can be set to Low, Medium or High. Also, the sound can be disabled from the program’s “Options” area.

The bottom line is that Pharaoh’s Gallery – Animated Wallpaper is a great addition to the screen, bringing something out of the ordinary to the desktop of your computer. Less experienced individuals shouldn’t have any issues while installing and customizing the tool, thanks to the intuitive layout.