Photo Date Changer is an efficient and easy to understand piece of software created to assist you in modifying the details in your digital picture’s Exif information, enabling you to set a preferred timestamp in just a few swift moves.

Subsequent to the brief and fairly uneventful installation, you can start working with the application right away, thanks to the intuitive and straight-forward interface that it provides you with, so you do not have to waste time trying to figure it out.

The tool does not require that much experience in order to handle it properly, yet it will constantly warn you that any alteration you make is at your own risk, which can become quite tiresome.

For starters, you can load your images into Photo Date Changer, either by pressing on the ‘Add’ button and loading the targeted items, or by drag and dropping them onto the main window of the utility.

From the ‘Action’ menu, you can select the operation you want to perform, with four different options to choose from, namely ‘Set JPEG EXIF Timestamp’, ‘Adjust JPEG EXIF Timestamp’, ‘Copy File Creation Date to JPEG EXIF Timestamp’ and ‘Copy RAW or JPEG EXIF Timestamp To Creation Date’.

Aside from the last action, which simply requires you to press the ‘Perform Changes’ button, the others also let you tinker with some of their properties. As such, the ‘Set JPEG EXIF Timestamp’ allows you to manually configure a precise date and time for the pictures.

Moreover, the ‘Copy File Creation Date to JPEG EXIF Timestamp’, lets you decide which elements to work on, only the date or the time, or both. Using the ‘Adjust JPEG EXIF Timestamp’ function, you can add or remove time-related details from your images.

To conclude, Photo Date Changer is an interesting and user-friendly program whose main purpose is to help digital photographers and other professionals in the field to manually alter the date and time information of pictures.