Gmail allows you and your contacts to customize your avatar, by adding a photo of your choice as your representative icon. This only applies for your icon, as you cannot change the avatar of your contacts.

Photo Drag is a handy tool that can help you overcome this situation and customize the avatar of your contacts, helping you faster recognize them based on the image you assigned to each one. In order to properly use the application, you need to have Adobe AIR installed on your computer, as well as a Gmail account to work with.

The program helps you customize your Gmail contact lists, by selecting a representative image for each email on that list. This comes in handy in several ways, as you can assign a proper photo to contacts that have stock or abstract images as avatars, assign the company logo to business contacts, or simply associate a contact that has no avatar with a representative image.

The photos you select can be drag-and-dropped from your browser or computer directly over your contact, in order to start the avatar assigning process.

Photo Drag allows you to selectively assign images as avatars to your Gmail contacts, by giving you the opportunity to trim and adjust a photo before setting it as contact icon.

Furthermore, you are offered with several predefined icons. The application also saves any custom created avatars into a library, so that you can use them on other contacts with ease.

All in all, Photo Drag helps you customize your Gmail contact list to a certain extent, by modifying the avatar of each email in the list. Although this does not affect the image of your contacts, it gives you a personalized view over your contact list, which can be synchronized to other devices, such as smartphones that access your Gmail account.