Photo Editor for Windows 10/8.1 is a comprehensive application developed in order to provide you with the means of quickly editing and adjusting the appearance of your favorite images, in just a few moves.

The program will only run in full screen, so if you are performing other activities, you will have to switch back and forth between Photo Editor for Windows 10/8.1 and your desktop.

This advanced utility offers numerous editing categories, so you can 'Enhance' or 'Crop your favorite photos, as well as adjust their 'Brightness', 'Contrast', 'Saturation', or 'Sharpness'. You can add 'Effects' or 'Stickers', apply 'Text' overlays or remove 'Redeyes' and 'Blemishes'.

The available 'Effects' include 'Lucky', 'Boardwalk', 'Cruz', 'Metropolis', 'Hass', 'Avenue', 'Keylime' and others, which are exemplified using thumbnail images in the lower part of the screen. You can apply various fun 'Stickers', such as crowns, glasses, hats, text bubbles, cigars or ties.

Photo Editor for Windows 10/8.1 enables you to modify the 'Orientation' of your pictures, by letting you 'Rotate' or 'Flip them. The 'Crop' function offers a wide range of preset sizes, but you can also manually select the region you want to cut.

The 'Brightness', 'Sharpness', 'Contrast' and 'Saturation' features can be adjusted by moving the corresponding slide and previewing the results in real-time. The 'Text' tool allows you to input any word or phrase you want, choose a preferred color, then set its position and size on the image.

The 'Drawing' component enables you to select the brush size and color of choice, then create various doodles on your picture. Moreover, using the 'Redeye' tool, you can remove such annoying occurrences from your favorite images before sharing them with friends. You can also 'Whiten' your teeth and clear the occasional 'Blemish' from your face.

With Photo Editor for Windows 10/8.1, you can perform a wide array of editing operations, allowing you to make your pictures look the way they should, with little to no effort on your part.