Photography enthusiasts or amateurs who are involved into photo retouching might be requiring a way of eliminating unwanted content from their images. Of course, there are numerous graphics editing packages, but most of them offer complex solutions. Photo Image Inpainter was created to provide an accessible approach, which will allow people to erase selected items or apply patches to unwanted items in their photographs.

The application carries a simple interface that boasts a clean layout and three main tools that can be used for handling the inputted images. People will be able to open the preferred image quickly, but unfortunately, the application doesn’t support drag-and-dropping.

Furthermore, batch processing isn’t provided and users will not be able to load multiple images simultaneously and manage them as layers. This isn’t a significant issue, but it might annoy those who are used to handling multiple images through editing layers.

Once they have loaded their images, people can use the dedicated wire tool, which employs a content-aware replacement brush, which can be used to erase wires, antennas or other features from images. Additionally, the Stamp Tool, allows one to patch certain areas of the images, with selected content from other regions.

The image retouching features provided by this utility could be ideal for beginners and those who are barely entering the field of photo retouching. However, their functionality is still basic and demanding users might not be satisfied with their characteristics and handling, especially since other similar packages offer more advanced tools.

Photo Image Inpainter addresses those who require a way to eliminate unwanted content from their photographs, such as wires, birds, flies or other objects. It will offer them an approachable interface, which offers basic photo retouching tools that will be easy-to-use. However, their functionality and handling are basic when compared to more advanced graphics editing packages, therefore experienced users might be inclined to seek for alternatives.