Photo Naming Assistant is a useful application designed specifically to make the task of naming digital photos quick, easy, and flexible. It can generate unique filenames.

It provides an easy-to-use interface, offering automatic identification of photos that need to be named, and a list of predefined patterns that produce names.

Using the selected pattern you can set any base name as well as apply dates and other information from the original photo file.

You can select the folder that contains the photos you want to name, keeping in mind that it supports JPEG and TIFF, among other formats. When you exit the tool, the current working location is remembered for the next session.

If available, a preview of the current item is shown. Otherwise, the name of the file is displayed instead. If more than one images are present, it's possible to move between them by using the first, previous, next and last buttons.

You can choose the category to display from the navigation mode, like named or unnamed (camera generated images) files, or all of them. It does not list the photos in any subfolders. They are listed in ascending order by the taken date.

The pattern list contains variations of all the picture names that can be used to suggest other combinations. Each arrangement describes a different way that a file can be modified. It also contains several built-in combinations that you cannot delete or modify.

Each choice can be seen in the edit field, which is updated with all the selected patterns and base names.

The application automatically builds a list of base names from all the available images in the directory, so that you can easily reuse a term by selecting it from the index. Furthermore, you can add a new one by typing it into the edit box. Finally, if you edit the suggested photo name manually, this produces a different name.

To sum it up, Photo Naming Assistant is a handy tool, created to help make the work of naming digital photos and creating different file names quick and easy.