For a photographer of any sort, losing the photos is the biggest fear out there. Second to that, is trying to recover them and being unsuccessful. Whether they’re your best friend's wedding photos or some colleague’s holiday snapshots, they all have value and losing them is never a good thing.

Photo Recovery Shop is a small application in stature that is capable of helping you recover lost photos from a wide range of digital cameras, hard drives or external storage.

Photo Recovery Shop uses an image stitching method that reconstructs photos which have been accidentally or intentionally deleted. It can handle recovery from both compact cameras and high end DSLRs, as well as from phones, tablets, hard drives, Flash disks and USB storage devices.

Its compatibility spreads to manufacturers such as Canon, Nikon, Nokia, Sony, Microsoft, Google, Samsung, HTC and HUAWEI, which means that nearly all the popular devices are covered.

Photo Recovery Shop displays a more than comprehensive interface. The moment you choose which drive to scan and recover from, the application starts to do its job and as it identifies files, it shows them to you in thumbnail size.

Moreover, the recovery tool groups the photos by the devices used to create them. Also, along with the small previews for the images the application presents information about the file format, size on disk and resolution. You can enlarge an image to have a better look at it and if it is available, Photo Recovery Shop can also display the EXIF data of the file.

To add a photo to the recovery queue, all you have to do is click it and if you want to restore all the images, there’s a ‘Select All’ button. The entire restore process seems to be quite thorough as the scan time takes a while if the drive is large but that shouldn’t be a concern as long as it does its job.

In closing, Photo Recovery Shop is a nice little application that you can certainly give a chance when you’re looking to recover photos from your computer or a camera’s memory card.