Photo editors come in all shapes and sizes, from complex applications aimed at professionals to more intuitive alternatives that can be used even by those who have little experience with similar software.

Photo Shader falls into the latter category, but it still offers a pretty impressive array of features. It can help you correct mistakes in your photos, use filters and apply various types of effects.

Now, it wouldn’t make sense to expect a Photoshop-like feature set from this application, but Photo Shader still holds its own quite well. It provides you with the essentials, and it is a good choice for those who have no need for advanced editing tools.

Most importantly, however, this app is remarkably intuitive. Any user can jump right in and start editing their images without consulting a manual, and any mistakes can be undone or corrected.

Photo Shader allows you to perform some basic color corrections, and it can also be used to remove image noise and smooth skin. In addition, it allows you to crop photos before saving them.

Of course, this application is mostly aimed at those who wish to enhance their photos using filters and effects. There are quite a few of them to choose from, and you can easily preview them and customize their parameters.

On the whole, Photo Shader is a quick, user-friendly image editing application that can help you enhance your photos without requiring any prior experience. If you don’t need to perform more complex operations, this app will certainly get the job done.

The well-designed, minimalistic user interface also deserves a mention, as it makes it very easy for novices to get the hang of things.