Have you ever had trouble importing photos or videos from your smartphone or digital camera? No? Well, that’s because it isn’t the most difficult process. On Windows, everything is automatic these days, with dedicated transfer applications launching as soon as you connect a device to your PC. Then, why would you need a program like Photo & Video Import? Well, I don’t know, so let’s try and find out.

As its name suggests, Photo & Video Import is an application that allows you to import photos and videos from various devices like smartphones, touchpads, digital cameras or camcorders. It comes with a simplistic interface where you don’t really have to do anything, except click a few times throughout the process.

The program automatically detects your gadget when you connect it to your computer. Select the device and let the application scan it for images and videos. You can then choose to import the files, and you can optionally delete them from your device. Your imported photos will be saved in the default Pictures folder.

There’s no doubt that Photo & Video Import is extremely easy to use; however, it doesn’t leave you much room for customization. There may be a way to change the default output folder, but I admit that I haven’t figured it out. Also, there’s no way to select the exact files that you wish to import, though it does keep track of your previously imported files.

It’s also true that the program is quite fast, so if you only want a no-nonsense photo importing tool, then you might as well use it. After all, it’s free and you can set it to launch automatically whenever you connect your phone or your camera to your PC. But if you need a just a bit of file management during the importing process, then maybe you should look for other programs.