The most impressive and touching gifts are the ones that you make yourself, with your own hands. And if you are not very crafty with your hands, you can try designing a virtual collage - all you need is the right tool, such as PhotoCollage.

The main window of the application is straightforward and easy to use, no matter if you are an expert or a beginner. You need to start by selecting the image you want to modify, be it JPEG, PNG or GIF.

Next, you can apply whatever enhancements you like best, then export the result to JPEG (unfortunately, this is the only output format currently supported by PhotoCollage).

You can add a border to your source graphic, then alter its color, angle and thickness until you are satisfied with the previewed result. You can also crop a certain area and remove the unnecessary parts.

PhotoCollage also allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and tint by simply moving the corresponding sliders using your mouse cursor.

Once you are done with the editing part, you can move on to adding text messages and personalizing their appearance as you see fit - font type, color and size, as well as alignment and text formatting.

You can go one step further and overlay hand drawn elements and stickers, then replace the default background with a custom one.

The next step is choosing the filter that best matches your expectations: grayscale, sepia, negative, colorize, pixelize or blur. You can preview the outcome as soon as you apply one of these filters and you can discard the changes if you are not happy with the look.

All in all, PhotoCollage can help even novices design impressive and personalized collages, without needing to spend time or effort reading the documentation or experimenting with the app.