Photopainter is a feature-rich program designed to help you create nice drawings and edit images by correcting their imperfections and inserting several special effects.

It's wrapped in an user-friendly interface that comes bundled with a picture editor and the painting, palette, layer, history and brush panels. The supported formats are JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF and GIF.

You have the choice to make a new canvas and paint on it or open an existing photo from the computer and further edit it. The app offers a variety of painting tools, such as brushes (e.g. water, thick oil, big) and pencil, whose size, opacity and type can be changed from the panel.

With the help of the airbrush, fill and clone stamp options, you can make attractive designs. Other handy elements are the pattern wand (coins, fruits, flowers, leaves), marker pen and toothpaste.

You can correct the attributes of your image by adjusting the brightness, contrast, hue and saturation, as well as inserting filters, like grayscale, blur, sharpen, mosaic or texture. The picture can be rotated to 180 or 90 degrees clockwise and counterclockwise, flipped vertically or horizontally and duplicated.

Mistakes can be rectified with the help of the eraser or by using the undo and redo arrows. It's possible to change the windows view to cascade or tile, enable or disable the options and insert multiple layers to get the desired result. Once done, the layers can be merged into one single design and saved as JPG, PNG, BMP or TGA image formats.

To conclude, Photopainter is a feature-rich utility that offers professional methods to draw and modify photos using several brush types, airbrush or toothpaste to create impressive effects. It also comes with picture adjustments and filters.