PhotoSketch9 is an intuitive and very easy to understand piece of software which aims to offer you a straightforward means of obtaining black and white sketches of your favorite pictures, in just a few quick mouse moves.

The program features a fairly basic user interface, with no complicated features that could put off computer novices, yet its limited functionality may not prove as appealing to more experienced individuals.

The main window allows you to load the image you want to work with, while from the dedicated glider, you can adjust the level of processing to be applied.

For starters, you need to load your picture into PhotoSketch9, bearing in mind that drag and drop operations are not supported, which means you need to add it by browsing through your computer. Since batch operations are not available, you can only work with one item at a time.

The utility supports multiple formats, including JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF and WNP, yet it advises you to work with files in a resolution higher than 800 pixels, to generate the best results. The file you add will automatically be processed using the default level 9, but you can use the dedicated glider and adjust it until it meets you particular preferences.

As there is no ‘Zoom’ feature, you can resort to your mouse cursor wheel to look at your photo in full, after which you can export it to JPG format, to a destination of your choice.

To sum it up, PhotoSketch9 is an interesting though rather basic application whose main purpose consists of helping you turn your images into sketchworks, to make them more interesting.