Most people love taking photos to immortalize the most important moments in their lives, and this is how they end up with countless digital pictures on their computer, external hard drives and other devices.

PhotoStructure aims to help you keep all these images together, in the same place, so you can easily view them whenever you feel like it.

First of all, you need to import all your data in the app, by adding the path to all the folders where you store photos.

Alternatively, you can just leave it to PhotoStructure to scan all the directories on your computer and locate every picture - it should be emphasized that the utility automatically ignores all hidden files, along with system, application or NoMedia folders. As you would expect, this process can be a lengthy one, so you need to wait patiently until it is completed.

As soon as your photos have been loaded, you can explore them all within the main window of PhotoStructure. You can switch from small thumbnails, to medium or large with a single mouse click. You can also group your files by date, camera make and model, lens, keywords or file type.

Moreover, you can use this software solution to quickly rotate the current photograph to the right or to the left, as well as adjust the zoom level by simply moving the dedicated slider.

A very useful feature of PhotoStructure is its de-duplication function, as it groups together identical pics (even if they come in multiple variations), regardless of their location. You can browse a list with all the folders where an item is found, so you can manually remove them to save space.

All in all, this application is meant to be an automated solution for organizing your graphic files, even if you are not an expert user.