New scientific discoveries have always created more comfort and pushed technology forward. Physics opened up possibilities for what makes today's objects go round and round. However, behind all wonders of technology lie complex calculations which can easily be done with computer applications. Physics 101 SE is a suitable example of such applications that can be used both to learn a thing or two, or quickly get ahold of answers.

The application wraps all of its features in a friendly package, with the upper toolbar providing quick access to a handful of equation sets, while a side panel lets you run several experiments. Most work on your behalf represents filling requirement fields in order for the application to provide the result.

There are three major equation sets you gain access to, each with specific elements. Amongst others, you can choose kinetics, projectiles, energy, gravitation, fluid and optics. Depending on your selection, your workspace changes requirement fields to provide proper result, with the case of kinetics letting you calculate finding distance, time, velocity and more.

Additional tools are available for thorough calculations. These are found in the features panel, and bring up dedicated windows with more requirement fields, as well as an example, or graph representation.

Each is equipped with proper explanation, providing neat learning material. Text definitions are not displayed, but equation and visual representation are more than enough to suffice. You can carry out experiments for oscillation, circuits, orbits, motion and a lot more. There's also a scientific calculator and a unit converter for better research.

On an ending note, Physics 101 SE is the whole science wrapped inside an application. It takes little to get acquainted with its features, even though the interface is full of symbols and numerical values. Available equation sets let you quickly solve complex expressions, while obtaining better help from the abundance of experiments you can run.