Piano Trilogy is a collection of VST plugins ready to provide you with beautiful and realistic piano sounds. It comprises three different instruments that you can combine in order to obtain compelling musical compositions, namely Vintage Piano VST, Broken Piano VST and Pianoforte.

Vintage Piano VST is the first of the three plugins included in the package. As its name implies, it is designed to provide musicians and composers with an authentic  sound of an old piano.

To do so, it relies on the vintage Bechstein acoustic grand piano from 1906, recording more than 200MB of samples, while using modern physical modeling methods to deliver the best sound.

The Broken Piano VST plugin is designed for productions that require a bit more than the classic piano sound. It delivers realistic and rich sounds of a broken piano, in the attempt to offer your compositions that special something.

Last but not least, Pianoforte is the third plugin included in the Piano Trilogy. Its purpose is to revive the bright sounds generated by the early versions of the piano, adding it specific effects to enrich your songs.