Learning to play the piano is not an easy task, especially if you are just at the very beginning and need to learn the corresponding notes for each key of the instrument. PianoNotesFinder is a handy tool that can help you in this matter, by providing you with a convenient way of learning the note layout of each key of a piano.

The application allows you to see the representation and meaning of each key from a piano, complete with its corresponding note signage. This can be the standard A, B and C, to which the DO, RE, MI solfeggio is added.

Furthermore, you can see how notes are played with the treble and bass clefs, optionally including flats and sharps. This way, you are able to see what key corresponds to a specific note on a music sheet, by hovering over its position.

PianoNotesFinder can be alternately used as a piano player or music sheet creator. Pressing or hovering over the keys of the piano will reveal its corresponding note and position on a spreadsheet. This is a highly useful feature, especially when composing a new song.

For example, you can use the application to play the song, while writing down every note used. In this manner, you can quickly write your own music sheets and exercise them on a real piano, or share them with your friends.

To sum it up, PianoNotesFinder is ideal when trying to learn the layout of each note on a piano keyboard. Although it is mainly designed for smartphones, the application lacks certain tools that would enhance its usability on computers. By mapping the keystrokes of the virtual piano with your computer’s one, or adding the ability to record and save music sheets, the program could help a lot of people master the art of playing the piano.