Pic2Mag is a useful program that can help you depict interactions between magnetic materials with different magnetic spin moments by analyzing a graphics file that uses colors to represent various objects and their characteristics.

The application is run in the command console, and it provides you with templates that can be processed in any image editor of your choice, as well as sample files and a detailed user manual.

Before anything else, you should make sure you are using the correct colors when creating a layout, as their RGB values need to be exact for the program to recognize them as objects with various spin moments. You can find this information in the user manual.

The program provides you with a few 640x640 px image templates that can help you out, as well as numerous examples.

Once you have created the layout, you need to load the program into the command console and import the image file you wish to analyze. It is important to note that the picture needs to be saved in the application folder.

Pic2Mag generates two graphics files, the first one being a PNG image that depicts an isopotential plot of the vector field energies, while the second represents the streamline plot of the vector field.

However, the application also creates three text files that contain vector field data 3mm above the permanent magnets layer. These vector files can be loaded and processed in other specialized programs.

Needless to say, users who are not comfortable using the command console may find Pic2Mag to be rather difficult to use, but the detailed manual should be very helpful.

Overall, Pic2Mag is a relatively simple application that allows you to analyze interactions between multiple magnetic fields using a PNG image file that depicts their layout. It does not offer a graphical user interface, as it can only be run in the command console, but it does provide you with comprehensive documentation.