Learning about magnetism and polarity can be really demanding, especially when lacking the proper tools for visualizing the magnetic field. Imagining the interaction might just not be enough, but thankfully, Pic2Mag's Field Calculator is here to provide a smart solution for such issues. Not only will it help you visualize magnetic field in various ways, but it also features a series of tools aimed at crunching the numbers on those magnetic vectors and seeing things from a scientific perspective.

In order to emphasize magnetic interaction and visualize the resulting field, users first need to input their magnetic centers. There are dedicated north and south commands, as well as two symbols available: cubes or discs.

Adding the magnets is done by free-hand mouse click on the main viewing area, and in order to control the zoom, one can define a specific grid area. Once the centers have been established, calculating the vector field is done in just a simple click.

Having established the vector field, users can then proceed to selecting a preferred visualization method. However, one must be aware that the size of the resulting computation files will increase significantly when adding many magnetic centers.

For a directional view of the magnetic field, one can select a compass needle view, isolines for better depiction of the area of influence, or combine both.

This program will allow you to define magnetic centers, plot their vector lines and preview the resulting magnetic field. Featuring a minimalist interface and straightforward controls, it is ideal for novices and more advanced users alike