Flickr is a vibrant photo sharing community with thousands of members. But even if you are not yet part of it, you might still find photos you like on Flickr, and you might want to download them to your offline collection.

Overlooking the copyright-related issues you should be careful about, you should know that the Flickr website offers a download option for images in your photostream. However, there are other standalone applications that promise either better download speed or additional small tweaks that to make you choose them over the integrated Flickr download option. One of them is Pictor.

Pictor tries to lure you with its interaction-free approach. Its secret weapon consists in the continuous downloader, which can grab photos from Flickr quickly and, more importantly, without nagging you.

To use Pictor, you first have to create an account and log in. It is not mandatory for you to link your Flickr account to the application in order to use it, but being connected to your account has its advantages. Pictor displays the albums in your online library and allows you to download them in an instant, while also providing real-time synchronization with the Flickr servers and automatic downloading of media files. In other words, it monitors albums and grabs new content as it appears.

With Pictor, you can look for public photos and videos on Flickr by entering a sequence of keywords. The application displays the entire photo stream it finds, allowing you to add it to the download queue.

On the downside, there are no options to select the photos you like or filter the search results even further. To put it another way, if you like a few photos only and want to download them to your PC, then you will have to grab the entire photo stream.

Continuing the list of disadvantages, there is no option to look for certain Flickr users and look into their photo streams to download images.

Pictor is simple to use and requires no prior computer knowledge. And while it can download a large number of photos in a relative short period of time, it does come with a few shortcomings. Even so, it comes in handy if you want to download batches of photos related to a specific theme.