Slideshows are a nice way to show off some images that would otherwise remain hidden in a folder. There are many available apps that can help you create such a presentation and Picture Slideshow Maker is one of them.

The utility packs a user-friendly GUI, thus encouraging both professionals and beginners to show their impressive photos to the world.

As soon as you add the source images (PNG, GIF, JPEG, or BMP), you can choose the transitions between. Each picture can be assigned an audio track as background and you can also defined its display duration.

On the down side, you cannot preview the transitions until the slideshow is actually created and you cannot change the image order by drag and drop, as you might expect. Instead, you can browse to a different file for each slot, if you are not pleased with the current arrangement.

One of the strong points of Picture Slideshow Maker is its built-in editor.

In other words, you can adjust the saturation, brightness, hue, contrast or gamma values, or you can remove the red eye effects. Numerous filter are included, such as sepia, emboss, sharpen, blur, grayscale, edge detection or displacement filters.

In terms of editing, you can rotate, crop, enlarge or flip the currently processed image, while also adding watermarks, borders or text messages.

Another nifty function is that the application includes numerous profiles that you can choose from for saving your slideshow.

For instance, you can obtain a slideshow that fits perfectly on a DVD, an Android device, on your iPod or your Xbox.

All in all, Picture Slideshow Maker can become your go-to solution for quickly building slideshows with beautiful transitions effects and astonishing image filters.