picture2web is a reliable and easy to use software that facilitates creating picture galleries and automatically uploading them to a FTP server. The software is lightweight, features a minimalistic interface and can display the image collections you creates in its installation directory.

A picture project describes a large collection that supports several categories in which you can add images. Once you create a new project, a folder with the same name is automatically generated inside the installation directory, more precisely in the ‘Bilder’ folder. Creating the sub-categories implies that you add new folders using the context menu.

Each sub-folder you create and name is displayed within picture2web as a separate category. Similarly, adding images to each sub-folder implies that you copy them from their source folder and paste them into the suitable category. The supported file formats are GIF, JPG, PNG and BMP. This manual system of adding photos to the gallery could work much faster if it were incorporated in the software’s interface.

Once you created a photo gallery, you may easily add photo descriptions and a text watermark in order to protect your images from theft or unauthorized use. If an image stores EXIF data, the software can read it in order to resize or rotate it. All images can be scaled to a suitable size from the Settings menu.

Moreover, the software can decompose the image by invisible lines, into 9 pieces, in order to protect it from deeplinking. Other protection methods imply overlaying a semi-transparent image on top of your work. Additionally, you can control the layout of your online gallery, by establishing how many pictures should a row contain.

picture2web allows you to easily post the images you selected to a FTP server of your choice or on your personal website. One of the downsides is that the software does not offer you a preview of your gallery and does not display the images in its interface. Instead you need to access the gallery folder you created at the beginning of the process. However, several useful functions are automated and you may choose if you wish to create a public or private gallery.