PicturePlayer is intended to help users in creating customized slideshows and picture presentations. The application consists of multiple tools that integrate into one suite.

The application sports a clean interface with all the core functions grouped together into menu items. The main window features a rather large and central frame, where users can load their images for processing.

The resources can load most common picture formats, including JPG, TIF, PNG and BMP. These files are the building blocks of the future slideshow.

Once files have been loaded, users can apply a multitude of effects, such as renaming or changing the order in which they are displayed. Sounds can also be embedded into the presentation and the transition between pictures can be performed either manually or by adding animation effects (several predefined fade in and out options are available).

When the project is finished, the built-in Picture Player will run the newly created slideshow. This is one of the interesting parts of this software: it is actually a collection of three modules that cooperate harmoniously in order to create presentations: "Picture Player", "Show Creator" and "Skin Compiler".

The "Show Creator" tool is required for the presentation creation process, as it has been described up to this point. The "Picture Player" is a built-in module that handles video playback.

This is an essential component, because the tool does not save projects in common presentation or video formats (INIĀ format is used, instead). A "Save to HTML web presentation" option is available, however more common extensions would be a nice feature.

The third module, "Skin Compiler" is a utility intended to increase the customization options. Essentially, it allows users to design original skins for the built-in player.

All in all, PicturePlayer is a decent slideshow creator that allows a fair amount of customization, when creating presentations. The built-in complementary modules are a nice touch of innovation, however more advanced presentations are, at the moment, out of reach.