Pictures Slideshow Maker is a rich-featured software utility that comes in handy when you want to create unique slideshows using your favorite photographs.

The interface of the application is pretty intuitive and starts off with a pop-up dialog that allows you to select one of the two available modes: Standard Mode (recommended for experienced users) or Wizard Mode (designed for novice users).

A project is created by adding any number of photos and audio tracks. Once you have imported your images, you can edit each one by adjusting transition effects, displaying and positioning clock or slide numbers. You can enter information details such as the project's name, author, email or URL address and display text messages on start-up or upon exiting the slideshow presentation.

For each or all selected slides, you can set pause, add notes using substitutes to text, include logos, select a background image or instead choose the desired color from a built-in palette. You can choose the preferred fade in or fade out effect and preview the changes without pause by clicking the “Test” button.

Pictures Slideshow Maker supports various audio formats, such as WAV, AC3, MPA, MP2, MP3 or OGG.

Besides creating slideshows, the program helps you build screensavers and executable files that include in a single package all the used pictures and music files. Furthermore, you can burn your recently created SCR or EXE files to a CD or DVD.

Another useful feature is that you can make videos using the same photos and settings you used when creating slideshows. Plus, you can enhance the video and audio quality by adjusting the bit rate, aspect ratio or by selecting the proper codec.

To sum things up, Pictures Slideshow Maker offers a handy set of tools that help you create slideshow presentations, screensavers, video and executable files.