P&ID Designer is intended to aid users in creating complex, but clear and informative diagrams. The application comes with multiple libraries containing predefined objects that can be inserted into the project.

There are multiple uses for this this resources. Essentially, any project that contains diagrams can be created using this application. Engineers, scientists, city planners or teachers are just a few examples of professionals who would benefit from using this software.

P&ID Designer comes with a very intuitive interface, quite similar in functionality to the Microsoft Office 2010 ribbon-style GUI. There are plenty of functions to use, which are well-organized into tab items. Some layout tweaks can be performed, such as changing the colors of the windows.

When creating new files, users are prompted for a template appropriate to their project. One of the nice features is that the tool comes with multiple sample documents and users are recommended to try these ones at first, since the program is quite complex.

After choosing a template adequate to the task at hand, the program automatically loads relevant libraries. These are the basic building blocks of diagrams, because they contain predefined project-specific objects.

There are numerous libraries to choose from, grouped together into six categories (“Industrial Automation”, “P&ID Symbols”, “Electrical Engineering”, “General”, “Illustration” and “Maps”). Each item contains numerous subitems (e.g. "Mixers", "Animals", "Tanks" or "Flowers"), which can be inserted to assist users in accurately describing their ideas.

Linking the predefined modules can be performed in various ways and users can insert connectors, lines or curves to bind items together.

The program saves and loads projects in EDDX program-specific extensions, but can export the work to more easily-recognizable formats, such as PNG, JPG, PDF, DOC or SVG.

To sum up, P&ID Designer is a powerful diagram builder that comes equipped with multiple libraries that allow users to create comprehensive projects.