PIMOne is a feature-rich and modern application designed to provide a practical method to add new contacts and handle existing ones, create notations, read emails and schedule appointments.

It's wrapped in a well-organized and accessible layout divided into two main panels, one that five different sections (calendar, notes, email checker, reminder, search), and an editor, similar to the basic notebook that comes with seven distinct tabs. When you run the app for the first time, a new account is necessary, for which you need to input a username, password and profile image.

The first section lets you plan events, by entering a short description, date, start and end time, reminder, if it's the case and a body content. Plus, to them, you can assign specific contacts that may attend, and set a recurrence. The tool also offers the ability to add numerous tasks with due dates, status, priority, completion percentage and a description. The agent tab lets you schedule custom actions, such as shut down the computer, restart, sleep or hibernate, open a particular website, or run a program.

For contacts, the utility provides two tabs (business, home), each with distinct fields that need to be filled in. Some examples are full name, address, phone numbers, email, webpage, department, birthday and profile image. What's more, you can insert and handle your login information and passwords, by entering the title, username, website, key, and additional notes.

Since the tool provides a login system, your data is protected from prying eyes. If you wish to check your emails, you first have to configure the POP3 settings. A basic word processor is offered for composing memos, which comes bundled with several formatting elements. Plus, the app comes with two skins you choose from, one suitable for ladies and one for more serious individuals.

To sum it up, PIMOne is a comprehensive and user-friendly program that comes in handy for everyone who loves to have a private diary, packed with all the essential features to offer a complete experience while having fun. It features a calendar, contacts, notes and assignments manager, as well as securely stores login credentials.