Pin More for Windows 10/8.1 is a very useful and efficient software solution which aims to provide you with the ability of personalizing the appearance of your Windows 8, 8.1, 10 Start Screen, by allowing you to create your own tiles in just a few quick moves.

The utility features a fairly straight-forward and intuitive interface, making it easy to handle even for the less experienced.

The main window features the types of items you can pin to your Start Screen or Start Menu, namely ‘Documents’, ‘Folders’, ‘Steam’ games and ‘Web’ links. In addition, it lets you view the currently pinned objects.

In order to pin a ‘Document’ or a ‘Folder’ to the Start Screen or Start Menu, you will first need to browse to its location, then load it into the program. Next, you should also pick a logo image (either regular or wide), after which you can customize its ‘Background Color’.

In the case of ‘Web’ pages, you will have to specify the full URL address, then load a logo from your computer or allow Pin More to check the targeted website for pictures which can serve that function. At the same time, you can add a wide logo and adjust its ‘Background Color’, as it the case of the other types of tiles.

As for ‘Steam’ games, you will need to input your access credentials (the Steam Community ID or Profile), before being able to add any items to the Start Screen or Start Menu. When complete, all there is left for you to do is click on the ‘Pin To Start’ button, prompting you for confirmation before finalizing the operation.

To sum it up, Pin More for Windows 10/8.1 is an interesting and intuitive application that can help you configure your Start Screen or Start Menu so as to let you easily access your most important files, directories, websites or Steam games with a simple click on the corresponding icon.