Pingotron is a handy tool made for webmasters, network administrators, and Internet service providers. Pingotron allows managing devices connected to a local network (computers, printers, etc.) and communication channels in TCP/IP networks.

Pingotron is easy-to-use and has a convenient user interface. You don't need

any special knowledge to operate it.

Just add to the list the network devices you want to control and set up their query parameters. Pingotron will ping these devices according to a time interval and notify you by a sound alarm, a mail message and a system tray alert if there are any problems.

There are two control lists in the program. The first one controls the channels, and the second one controls the hosts. You can use both lists as well as each list on its own.

For each controlled device you can turn on the query recording mode as well

as specify the time span for keeping query history.

Pingotron can show graphical statistics of each devices's queries for specified time spans.

Pingotron has a log for emergency information. This log contains the date

and time of an emergency, the date and time of fixing the emergency, and the duration of the emergency state.

If you have a large network, you can use the "by group" display mode. This

mode allows to create groups which can be controlled, for instance, to

define subnets in the network.

Here are some key features of "Pingotron":

■ Custom ping time

■ Graphical and numeric representation of ping results

■ Generating lists by groups

■ Sound alarm, e-mail notifications, and blinking tray notification of failures

■ Logging ping history

■ Logging failure data

■ Ping statistics in numeric and graphical format.


■ 30 days trial