Pinterest can be arguably considered one of the most inspiring social media platforms out there. While it doesn’t exactly promote creativity and originality (and there have been plenty of discussions about whether or not pinning an image represents copyright infringement), this is a platform that a lot of people actually use as a source for ideas.

If you’ve already integrated Pinterest into your creative workflow, then an application that allows you to browse the platform from your desktop would be useful, especially during moments when you just want to stay away from any other social media distractions and just focused on pinning images. While you can use the official Pinterest desktop app, there is also Piny.

It’s fair to mention that Piny has been around for longer than the more recent official app. While it wasn’t one-of-a-kind, many users have been attracted by its simple design and intuitive interface. After you connect with Google, Facebook or your Pinterest account, you can start browsing through your photo feed, which the platform generates according to your selected interests.

You can pin image to one of your boards by clicking the save button on them, or you can open an image in a new window in order to share it, download it or copy its link. In a separate section, you can see pins only from the boards that you are following. Finally, you can go the Explorer section in order to find out what the most popular pins are in various categories.

There’s no doubt that Piny is a well-designed app and, until recently, it was probably the best way to use Pinterest without accessing your web browser. Those who already use it will probably continue to do so, although newer users will most likely be drawn towards the newer official desktop app, even if Piny may be more feature-rich at this point.