Fluid dynamics and the science behind liquid or gaseous flow through various cross-sections are really complex, especially when adjacent parameters such as pressure are in play. Regardless if you’re a Hydrodynamics undergrad or you’re just passionate about viscosity and Reynolds values, Pipe Flow Calculators will provide an essential set of tools, custom-built for computing a wide range of parameters found in flow dynamics. Be it flow rate, air pressure drop or even Venturi effect values, it’s all covered, in an accessible package.

The interface and layout have seen a good deal of thought, as all the controls and input fields are laid out logically, facilitating the number input and selection. All the parameters feature drop-down menus for the various units and additional check-box options provide even more customization.

Five main categories contain all the calculus options, ranging from general-purpose, up to combustion and heat power. It’s nice to see the developer include extra parameters, such as pressure differential devices, which could come in handy.

When working with fluid dynamics and flow parameters, depending on the selected mediums, particular values for density, viscosity, molar mass or specific heat will most likely be required. Thanks to the thoughtful design of the app, users will benefit from a detailed database containing the said information.

Besides liquids, fluids or gases, one can also access custom configurations and a dedicated storage table at the bottom part of the layout offers on-the-fly storage of selected values, regardless of the chosen parameter.

For working professionals or scholars of fluid dynamics or hydro-engineering, this application is a reliable tool for performing computations in a more efficient way. Being designed with accessibility in mind, it manages to provide an ample range of parameters and customization options