Visual arts can sometimes be as simple as performing some sketches or, if we’re dwelling into the digital world, making pixel-art for instance. Of course, there are endless online and app-based solutions for editing images and creating various layouts, but Pixel Art Studio aims at offering a fun and uncluttered package that ensures a hassle-free, enjoyable experience.

The application offers most of its tools ready to be used on the default layout, which also incorporates the main viewing area where all the editing takes place. Thanks to a somewhat logical setup, all of the features promote an easy handling when drawing or performing other operations.

During our tests, we failed to experience any lags, and the app performed flawlessly in terms of speed. Zooming in and out is one of the features that lacks functionality, in the sense that it cannot be performed using a keyboard-mouse combo, such as “Ctrl and scroll”.

Besides its main functionality, the app also enables users to make animations, by inputting each separate frame as an image and selecting the preferred transition time. A set of rudimentary playback controls is provided, enabling for a swift preview of the resulted clip.

When imagination is not enough, one can always resort to the app’s external pixel-art library, which features an extensive array of themes and characters. Although accessible through a single click, the images need to be added manually to the composition, after downloading them using a preferred browser.

This little app works wonders if one needs a no-fuss image editor that offers basic yet capable drawing and sketching capabilities. Thanks to some useful tools, Pixel  Art Studio manages to keep up with the more advanced, similar image editing suites.