Upscaling pixelated 8bit assets for a retro game might not sound like an important thing, however, given the fact that today even retro games have to keep up with the ever-expanding display resolutions, 8bit itself has been redefined as a more approachable and beautiful representation style. Now, what exactly does this mean and how can one achieve higher resolution assets for a future video game? The answer, in this case, could be PixelArt Upscaler.

If you're developing an application and are in need of something to help you improve the quality of your video game assets, all you have to do is load them up either one by one or a bunch at a time, select the outline color for your items if need be and begin the process. You can either load a folder filled with items or one single item. Choose the scale factor and decide on any other improvements or changes you want to make. Remove extra liens, fill gap or try fixing artifacts, for example.

While this application may trike some as quite simplistic, whether or not this is true does not matter, as the idea behind this program is to improve the quality of retro game assets and it manages to do that quite fine. There really aren't any glitches, and this is indeed something to take into consideration. The resulting image is most of the time artifact-free, something that doesn't occur with all similar programs. Besides, further options such as color filling and order interpolation do give the impression of having gained an extra mile.

With PixelArt Upscaler it all boils down to what needs you have. If these align with the capabilities of this program, then you're all set. If, however, you have no interest in actually upscaling retro game assets or haven't got the slightest clue as to what all this means, there is nothing you can do with this software. That said, programs such as these are aimed at a somewhat small group of individuals, but for them, this is quite the help and this is what matters in the end.