pixelCAT is a software database tool that allows you to organize, categorize, search and display digital images on your hard drive or within a local area network. If you have a large collection of digital images that you wish to link to a searchable database, pixelCAT is the answer.

Whether they be GIF, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, PNG, or PCX images, pixelCAT can handle the task of linking all of your images to a searchable database. You can create a new database, add records in it and assign them keywords so you can find them fast.

By linking your image collection to a database you will be able to add keywords, dates, names and comment fields to your collection, all of which makes finding that "image in a haystack" all the easier. pixelCAT does not actually store your images, but rather pixelCAT stores descriptions and keywords and the locations where your images can be found. pixelCAT is more like an index that can be referred to and searched to find, view and print digital images.

You can easily create an unlimited number of databases, and display multiple databases within pixelCAT all at the same time. For instance you may wish to create a database containing links to your large collection of clipart, and another database linked to a collection of Civil War photographs, and another database linked to digital scans of old book pages.

Any image being viewed within pixelCAT can then be scaled, rotated, printed, copied to another drive, sent as an email attachment to Microsoft's Outlook, bookmarked to a 'Favorites' list for easier future retrieval.