Having an application that allows you to convert any type of image, or at least into most of the available formats, can always come in handy. Especially if it is lightweight and easy to use, such as our today's guest of honor, Pixroll Image Converter Lite.

The application is very straightforward both in looks and features, allowing its users to get done with their desired conversions pretty fast, and with no other difficulties.

The process of converting has no unwanted complexities, and it lets you drag and drop your files if you don't feel like browsing through your folders. After the images are uploaded, all that's left to do is to choose the format they will get converted into and just get done with it swiftly.

The File Explorer context menu allows for an even quicker conversion rate, especially if you have lots of pictures ready for conversion.

The easiness and the speed with which you get your images converted adds to the fact that it also supports the most common formats available, such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, BMP, HEIC, PDF, among many others.

It's really convenient, for example, to be able to add the photos you take with your iPhone on your computer and convert them into the format of your choice. And you can do that in either the Light or Dark skin modes that come with the app.

A thing I really appreciate about Pixroll is the fact that, for the picture you select in your added list, it provides you with a panel on the right side that offers you plenty of information about it. Besides the thumbnail preview, which allows you to see exactly what picture you are going to convert, you can also find information there regarding its data, such as the path, the size, dimensions in pixels, or the color depth of the picture, amid many other bits of interesting facts.

Pixroll Image Converter Lite does fine work when it comes to converting images, photos or any other type of pictures you have stored on your personal computer.