Just as you use a word processor to write your mail, you can write, play, print and publish your music with Pizzicato Light, a music notation software. Yes, your notes, your music on paper with a professional quality. At home.

Before going further: remove any idea related to music being difficult or composition being impossible to learn without 10 years of study, because if you follow it step by step, the Pizzicato Light music course will show you exactly the opposite!

Pizzicato Light is a handy and comprehensive application suited to learn music and / or make your first steps in computer assisted music.

On the Pizzicato Light screen, you see the empty staff to fill. To add notes and rhythms, you will use a graphic palette with the values of notes and rests. To add a note, you click on the symbol and then click on the staff, at the desired position. The note appears.

Pizzicato Light automatically adjusts the positions. Simple, isn't it ?And it is the same for the clef, the key signature, the time signature. Pizzicato Light offers a complete user manual which really helps the beginner in music and in computer handling. For the professionals, Pizzicato Light suggests a lot of smart tools and the possibility to create their own ones.