If you don’t own a telescope but are still interested in the cosmic bodies that compose the known part our solar system, Planets 3D is a neat utility that provides graphic models for all eight planets, Pluto, and some of the high-profile moons out there.

After the installation process is done and the UI pops up, you can notice that there are no borders, toolbars or other elements that can come in conflict with the space theme.

To access its settings, you have to right-click on the screen to activate the combo-menu which provides some options that can be used to add or remove details, as needed.

Planets 3D does exactly what the name implies and provides you with 3D models for all the nine planets that form our solar system. Besides the planets, there are models for Earth’s moon along with two moons from Jupiter and one from Saturn. The Sun could not be absent, as that is the main piece of this structure.

The models provided by the app are in a constant rotation process, which emulate the natural celestial body movement and, furthermore, you can zoom in on them to study their geographical structure, which contains impact craters, volcanoes, ice formations, gas accumulations and more.

Planets 3D is can be seen as study material for users interested in solar system related subjects, or as a spare time tool that can quell the need of knowledge for users interested in this type of information as well as for children that were introduced in this field. The interface is built with the user experience in mind as there are no borders or other control options that can interfere and ruin the immersion.