PlanningForce - Scheduler is a professional application designed to enable you to schedule your MS-project files, your Omniplan files and your Excel files.

Automatically allocate your resources without any over-allocation. Scheduling is the automatic process by which PlanningForce plans tasks and allocates resources to them according to task requirements.

Scheduling results are displayed through 6 panels:

KPIs : present the results of the scheduling process in both numerical and graphical ways.

Output Gantt : shows the realistic project plan after resource scheduling.

Progress : historical and planned progress of the planned projects are visualized.

Allocations: the daily/weekly allocations per resource together with the task duration.

Resource usage : Shows how resources have been used in both efficient and inefficient ways and displays their remaining availability.

Reports: reports are printable views of the results, available in PDF or Html formats. Our freeware generates 6 types of report:

Key performance indicators: · resource usage

· resource allocations

· resource scheduling

· goals report